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Generate Sales with Parties

Book Parties

Parties are a wonderful way to meet new people, build relationships, gain customers and generate bookings and creating leads.

Follow these steps when you call or meet potential Hosts:

  • Strive to book your first ten parties with people from different circles. This gives more opportunities to meet new people.

  • Be enthusiastic! Energy breeds energy.

  • Share why you're starting your Urban Lush business. People love to support when you explain why you're excited about your new venture.

  • Explain what perks are offered for Hosting a party. On average, Hosts receive $100 in free products, and they get savings on exclusive offers.

  • Offer a choice of two dates. Most people choose the second date you offer, so give the closest date as the second choice. "I may June 18 and 4 available, which would you prefer?"

  • If they cannot book a party as a Host, invite them to shop online.

Coach Your Host

One of the most important things you can do is coach your Hosts for a successful party.

  • Set a time and date. As soon as you book a party, write it in your calendar. Confirm the date with your future Host within 24-48 hours of booking a party.

  • Over-invite guests. People are busy and only about one-third of invited guests will be able to attend a party. Encourage your Host to invite at least 30-40 people.

  • Online orders. Ask your Host to urge guests who won't be able to attend to shop online. They can take advantage of guest specials, have items shipped directly to them and your Host still receives the credit!

  • Communication is key. People respond to different forms of communication, so if your Host invites only one way, chances are she is missing out. Suggest she: Utilize Urban Lush e-invitations, call guests, send reminder cards, facebook and text.

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