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Welcome to Urban Lush

Welcome to Urban Lush®. We offer the finest quality photo frames with exceptionally unique designs. We think our products sells themselves, so of course you're excited to spread the word. But we also understand business and, with that said, understand a big part of your drive is to make money. So let's get started!

The more people you meet, the more Customers, Hosts and new Consultants you can connect with your Urban Lush business. A great goal to strive for is to introduce 100 people to your business in the next 30 days.

There are two ways to earn income: sales and sponsoring.


You earn 25% on all compensatable* sales and each month that you reach $2000 or more in sales, you'll earn an extra 7% Bonus.

  • $1400 monthly sales X 25% profit = $350 income

  • $2000 monthly sales X 32% profit = $640 income


Helping others suceed is one of the most gratifying rewards and also the fastest way to grow your income.

  • Become a TEAM LEADER** and earn 2% on the sales of your Consultants

  • Become a UNIT LEADER*** and earn 7% on the sale sof everyone in your unit


  • Set your goals! The first step to starting a strong business is to set goals. We suggest setting a 30, 60 and 90 day goal. As a new Consultant setting goals and tracking your results is key.

  • Set up your website.

  • Create a contact list. A contact list is a list of everyone you know- friends, family, coworkers, people you do business with and people you meet while out.

*Compensatable Sales:the totaldollar amount of retail orders submitted to and received and accepted by the Home Office, excluding tax and shipping & handling charges. Compensatable Sales do not include Host selections, Half-Price items, personal bonus items or Host Specials.

**Personally sponsor two qualified Consultants.

***Have six Consultants on your team.

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