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Get excited about selling!

Be your own boss, work flexible hours that fit your schedule, meet new people, sell what interests you and make money doing it!

Passion sells! Experienced direct-sales consultants will tell you that to be successful, you need to choose a product or service in which you really believe, one you use yourself. When you’re excited about something, that excitement is contagious, and it leads to higher sales.

The first and most obvious step to anyone who is in business for themselves is to study up! Allow yourself some time to get to know the company and products you are representing. Set goals for yourself! From day one, make a list of where you'd like to be a year from when you start your business, and then go on to two years and up to five years. If you can see yourself doing the same thing in five years, you are bound to succeed. Write out your sales goals and make them happen! There are so many ways to do this without having to be pushy with your friends and family!

Share the opportunity. Tell at least two people about the opportunity that lies in Urban Lush every day. By recruiting and building your team, you build the opportunity to make more commission. If you are a level one recruiter, you're automatically going to earn commission off of their sales, and the more people you recruit, the higher up you go in the levels and the more money you make. Just make sure you are willing to invest time in your recruits. It will be your job to coach them and encourage them to keep making sales! You can't expect people to join your team and work for you without any support from you. Check in with them by calling them, shooting them an e-mail and letting them know that they can call you for support.

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